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Very easy to use
Suitable for zircons or crystals
Super Strong and Sticky Glue




Glue Gel – Super Strong and Sticky.
Suitable for medium or large rhinestones/zircons.
Package content: 1 bottle 5ml Glue Gel

Strong and Long Lasting Performance – Our gel glue is very excellent to apply your rhinestones or zircons on the nails, you will know after you tried it (UV or LED Lamp NEEDED).
Multi-function – For artificial nails or natural nails? For Flatback or Non-flatback rhinestones? Buy one, for all.

How to use:
1: Apply the glue on the nail.
2: Put the rhinestones on Enough Glue Gel, and press it on the gel slightly, cure it under UV or LED lamp.
3: Double Secure if necessary, cure it again till its completely dry.(To hold the rhinestone better).
4: Apply a thin layer of the no wipe top coat.

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