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brown Sanding Bands #240

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100 Grit

Benefits of brown Sanding Band

  1. brown color eliminates black dust or residue for pleasant and clean nails during and after filing
  2. Bonded with alloy of alumina and zirconia ensures durable and long lasting sanding surface
  3. Standard size for easy change on shaft mandrel



  • Quantity: 100pc
  • Can be used on natural nails and artificial tips
  • Suitable for most types of Nail Drills & E-files
  • For professional use or home use

Slide these disposable barrel-shaped sanding bands over   Crystal Mandrel drill bit and keep creating masterful manis on each new client with ease.

 grit Sanding Bands are perfect for smoothing the surface and removing the shine from nail enhancements such as acrylic, dip powder, gel, and artificial tips.

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