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Blooming Gel

$9.99 $14.99
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Very easy to use
Suitable for professional use and personal use
Magical Blooming effect on your nails


New presentation of our Blooming Gel – 100% New high quality
Package content: 1 bottle 15ml (0.5 fl/oz) Blooming Gel

It create a great magical Blooming effect on your nails, makes your nails more charming and attractive.
Better long lasting lasting for at least 14 days, fantastic and super bright Nails for you.
Easy to use, easy to off off, easy to apply as enamel.
Note: Please make sure the nails are dry, clean before applying, helping for long lasting.

Apply a layer of color coat (any colors you like), and cure it under UV / LED lamp.
Apply a layer of this product, Do Not Cure It!
Use dot pen to dip some color coat (any colors you like) and draw anything you like on your nails.
Hold on for a while, the product will spread gradually, cure it under UV / LED lamp.
Seal it with UV TOP COAT, and cure it under UV / LED lamp.



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