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Very easy to use
Suitable for professional use and personal use
Works with all transfer foils



Foil Gel – 100% New high quality
Package content: 1 bottle 15ml (0.5 fl/oz) Foil Transfer Gel (Clear)



The foil sticky gel is used to transfer foils onto nails.
This formulated gel transforms into a sticky layer after curing that will allow full cover transfer from nail foils.
Use this transfer sticky gel to transfer any foil paper designs.
This gel is also perfect for glitter applications.

How to apply:
Cut pieces of aluminum foil that you want (large enough for nails).
Apply base coat and dry under UV / LED lamp (UV lamp for 1 minute; LED lamp for 30 seconds)
Apply a layer of Nail Foil Glue and dry it under a UV / LED lamp (UV lamp for 1-2 minutes; LED lamp for 40-60 seconds).
Spread the adhesive on the nail surface and press evenly and repeatedly with your thumbs and index finger.
Peel off the sticker carefully and repeat printing on the nail surface to get a perfect foil. Apply top coat and dry for long-lasting result.



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